Looking For Short Prom Dresses? The AU Is The Place!

Prom dresses that are short project an innocent and sweet look. However, if you are looking for a unique short prom dress the AU is the place to go. As a matter of fact, some of the best known prom dress designers are located in the United Kingdom. From Sophia Tolli, Ellis, Ronald Joyce, Trudy Lee, Mon Cheri to Rina di Montella, the world's most renowned fashion designers live in the heart of the country.

From a sophisticated black short dress, pretty pink baby doll dress, an asymmetrical sequined hemline, the ballerina to a sexy flounce and ruffled salsa dress -- you can truly find any kind of prom dress in AU. The choice depends on you. If you want you can also go for a more "vintage" prom dress made of ruffles, lace and satin as well.

The first and most important thing for you would be to look for a dress that fits you well. Whether you are looking for a petite size or a full size, most of the designers in AU offer dresses and designs that can be altered or customized to fit and flatter your body contours.

However, before you start shopping for your dream night's dress, make sure that you have the correct measurements of your hips, bust and waist. Not all designers have similar size charts. Be sure you know your figure type as well. Your body might be an "I" (not so curvy), an "hourglass" (curvy) or an "A" (smaller on top) type. Only when you know the exact measurements and body type would you be able to find a the dress that would flatter your figure and make you look sexy or sweet.

Try on various dresses with different styles, colors and embellishments. Pay more attention to the neck line, length, material, color and the fall and sleeves of the dress. Make sure that you are comfortable with the dress before you purchase it.

Always go for stores that are well known for tailoring short prom dresses. The Rose, 'for the woman in you', is one such store. The Rose offers a wide array and large selections of beautifully designed short prom dresses. If you have the budget and wish to look perfect on your prom night then you need not look any further than the Debenhams. With a great collection of short prom dresses, this store will help you find the best designs and designers in AU, under one roof.

It is because of the availability of these wonderful stores and skilled designers like Jasper Conran, Julien Macdonald and Pearce II Fionda that most people say that the AU is truly a paradise for all girls shopping for a short prom dress.



Manual for Purchasing Prom Dresses Online

One of the most important occasions in a young lady's life is prom. Pretty much as she dreams about getting married in that immaculate marriage outfit, she likewise dreams about wearing the most lovely dress to her prom. As it would turn out, prom is not just about having a date and getting the chance to move throughout the night. It speaks the truth being seen and being recollected.

Young people see the prom evenings in various views. For some, the prom night is one formal move celebrated in the school's recreation center or in a hotel. The typical situation one can find there is an employed DJ who continues playing different types of music well-suited for the event and there is the lavish feast.

A few people will settle with the actuality, however, that the prom night flags the coming of age of a child into a young lady. They see the prom night as a move of the silly demonstrations exemplified amid the secondary school life into that of right on time development that accompanies adulthood.

Whatever the feeling of the prom night conveys to each distinctive individual, the fact of the matter is, it is one of the uncommon opportunities to be under the spotlight. In this way, the event requires able arrangements. For the young ladies, the prom dress requires a careful arranging.


Obtaining Prom Dresses Online

Going online for prom shopping is moderately less demanding than going to boutiques or retail establishments. Prom dresses online is likewise cheaper than those offered in customary shopping centers.

If you are after prom dresses in marked down rates, dresses online arrives with a wide cluster of decisions. If you lean toward purchasing designer dresses, then you can simply take your pick. Essentially check through a ton of sites and find the opportunity to purchase helpfully with only a click of a button.


The Online Purchase Pointers

In what style and outline do you need your dress to be? What fabric will be utilized? What shading will the fabric be? Which bag and shoes can coordinate it? What extras will you use? These are the essential thoughts which should be considered important.

Above all else, consider the type of your body. Is your body figure awesome? Is it straight? Are you fat? The dress you are using ought to supplement the figure and not making it worse. You must pay consideration for the best possible dress that will compliment your body figure.

The shading of your dress additionally needs uncommon consideration. You ought to get a prom dress with a fabric that runs in tally with your appearance and hair shading. Obviously, the additions which you utilize ought to be suitable to the style of your prom dress. Having no extras on the prom dress may resemble an exceptionally dull-looking Christmas tree.

Buying prom dresses online is a considerable measure of fun. Wherever you will be, you can get to the sites that offer prom dresses. You are likewise calmed of starting with one boutique then onto the next. Trust it, the ideal outfit for you is just amidst internet shopping!

The web is an awesome benefit when planning your dress as you can compare shop using many websites. And, once you get sorted out and have your budget under control, it makes shopping for prom dresses at online wedding dress store much easier.



How To Choose A Beach Wedding Gown

When Choosing a wedding gown for a beach wedding one needs to take into consideration the type of dress to purchase for the climate and the temperature of the area you are going to be married in. It is most likely to be very hot. A good beach gown should be light and airy.


The fabric can be of silk with an overlay of shear chiffon or a light polyester fabric overlaid with organza. Many are the combinations that add up to a light weight beach wedding dress or gown.


The gown can be any length you choose, from a very short dress to an ankle length one. The choices are endless, as a beach wedding is a casual affair.


A strapless gown is an excellent choice or a spaghetti strapped one is just a lovely. Considering the heat, there is no need for a sleeve providing you have beautiful slim upper arms. In which case a cap sleeve or a sheer short sleeve is in order.


When it come to the veil, you can decide on either a short or a long one, or not even wearing one at all if you like. A tiara or just a comb decorated with flowers is all that is needed.


No matter which type of beach wedding gown you choose, it is going to be a memorial occasion when you tie the knot. More importantly, when getting married, it is imperative that the bride choose the perfect mate for the marriage to become a lasting union with only good memories.


Tips For Protection at a Sunny Beach Wedding

Sure, everyone would like to have some sunshine. But there is a stark difference between a literal meltdown under a very angry sun and enjoying just some of it. A beach wedding is perfect for the couple's family and friends to enjoy the waves, sand and sun. But before we bask in beach front bliss, there are a few sun safety tips that the beach bride should keep in mind.


Images of the guests frowning while fanning themselves under the heat do not induce an "awwww" moment in photographs. The picture gets uglier if the beach bride experiences this discomfort as well. It's not just the heat but the sun itself. Of course, many would like to make most of their stay in the beach wedding destination, get a tan and what have you. Some people may not be aware of their tolerance to sunshine, but the beach bride isn't about to gamble on that on her beach wedding. Showing off that gorgeous tan will be appreciated more if we are sunburn- and heatstroke-free.

There is a blazing sun that corresponds to any promise of good weather. Consider the early morning or late afternoon sun for the beach wedding ceremonies. Sunshine during these times is generally friendlier than any other hour within the day. Gawkers, passers-by and their gate crashing pets may not also be around during less sunny hours. An indoor reception after the wedding ceremonies by the beach doubles as protection from the dreaded rain or too much sun. Since the wedding ceremonies will be held beachside, arrange a covered area with comfortable seating.


Sunscreen application before going out to the beach is mandatory. Little beach wedding dresses hardly provide that much coverage to the sun, so apply and re-apply sunscreen as needed. Sunscreens with high SPF generally provide more protection than those with lower SPF, so know when reapplication will be necessary.


We already know that long sleeved dresses are not exactly beach wedding worthy, so have the female guests wear hats for extra protection against the sun (think fashionable straw hats that go really well with beach dresses).


Sand reflects as much harmful UV rays as a concrete pavement, even when a person is under a shade. Have guests use eyewear with UV protection.


The beach bride can get really preoccupied on her beach wedding day, but she must not forget to keep herself hydrated. Have water and other non-alcoholic refreshments within reach at all times. It's a wedding, yes, but alcoholic drinks simply do not help rehydrate a person's body. This will not only be beneficial for the beach bride, but for the guests as well. Sun safety should be given much thought especially for a beach wedding with elderly and small children in attendance. They belong to high risk groups when it comes to sunstrokes and heat exhaustion.


How To Glam Up Your Heirloom Gown

Brides can spend months looking for their dream wedding dress, but have you considered that it may be in your mother’s house? Heirloom wedding dresses are a popular trend, and we look at how you can glam up your granny’s gown for your own wedding.

Your vintage dress is possibly decades old, and unless it was professionally cleaned and properly stored, it can be damaged. First prize, of course, is that it’s in pristine condition, but wearing the exact same dress that your mother or grandmother wore can make you look outdated. The easiest way to modernise it is by making a few changes.

This will work if you like the cut and fit of the gown, and your alterations won’t compromise the integrity of the dress. You don’t want to alter it beyond recognition, but you do want to get rid of those bits that make you look frumpy. This is also the best option if you the dress is intended to be passed onto other family members, or possibly future generations.

Whatever alterations you make, ensure that you use a good seamstress. Not only is the material hard to work with (it could be decades old!) but the dress has a special meaning to you and the original wearer. A good seamstress is worth every cent.


One of the simplest ways to glam up your heirloom gown is by incorporating details like a strategically placed sash, ribbon or belt, or you can add a touch of glamour by using beading or rhinestones.


Vintage wedding dresses will usually have a high neckline, update it by converting it to a scoop, sweetheart or V-neck. Depending on the original dress, changing this will simply and quickly transform the overall look.

There’s little denying that sleeves are a hugely popular trend, but we’re talking dainty, lace ones, not bulbous, polyester ones. Short sleeves can be lengthened, long ones can be shortened, and those that remind you of a bad 80s outfit can be removed to create a strapless dress.


Plus size wedding dresses can be made smaller, but it’s a tougher challenge to make a small outfit larger. One option is to take out the zipper and create a corset back with ties. Pretty, feminine, and practical.


Older dresses tend to have more fabric, so streamline your look by narrowing a wide skirt.


Changing the length of your dress is a quick way to revitalise it, but this does depend on the structure of the original. You may not be able to convert a floor-length into a knee-length dress, so work with your seamstress to see what’s viable.


Over time, a white dress will age and turn a vintage yellow, and you can keep this patina, or send it to a company that will professionally clean it and restore it to its former glory. The shade of your dress is completely up to you, and that means anything on the colour spectrum, from alabaster to zaffre (blue, in case you were wondering!).

You love the idea of wearing your vintage dress, and usually- if you’re really honest - there are only certain parts of it that you want to keep. Stop right there. Before your take scissors to the frock, you need to speak to the owner, and make sure she’s okay with you deconstructing her old dress. If you get a yes, then keep the best elements, the ones that work for you, and incorporate those into a new dress. It’s likely to be an emotional decision, so broach the topic tactfully and carefully.

You may adore the bodice, but know the skirt just doesn’t flatter you, so take it apart and attach it to a different skirt. This can work vice versa, or for other elements of the dress that you really like, and want to use. Just keep in mind that it takes time and money to alter a wedding dress, and this is compounded by working with vintage fabrics.

With all the intentions in the world, it’s possible that your gran’s dress is too damaged, and you can’t wear it, but this doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate parts of it on your wedding day. Sections that don’t have holes, or where the fabric isn’t discoloured, can be used creatively. Here are a few ideas:
- Bridal veil
- Garters
- Wrapping for the stem of your bouquet
- Pocket squares
- Pillow for the rings
- Decorate your shoes
- Use the buttons for vintage earrings
- Cover your wedding album

Vintage-inspired gowns are beautiful, but they can look similar, while an authentic dress is going to be a one-of-a-kind. You’re incredibly fortunate if your heirloom dress is still wearable and, on top of that, if it actually fits you, but there are other benefits too. It’s a welcome answer to a tight budget, it’s a green choice, and it takes the stress out of finding a wedding outfit.

But by far the biggest reason to wear her dress is that it has a history. There’s something quite magical about wearing a gown that’s been worn before, and it’s made even more special if the original owner- be it your mother, grandmother, or even great- grandmother- are still married. This wedding dress becomes your “something borrowed” and there’s nothing wrong with also borrowing the secrets to a long and successful marriage.

10 wedding planning questions asked by real couples

There are so many questions that arise when you start planning a wedding, but when you start to research and reach out to have your questions answered, you quickly learn that you are not alone.
Do you think you wear what type of wedding dress look better? Is the beach wedding dress or a short wedding dress

Easy Weddings’ Expert Wedding Advice forum is not only a great source of information but also the perfect place to pose a burning question and have experienced suppliers share their knowledge.

We have delved into the archives to bring you 10 wedding planning questions asked by real couples that could help you when planning your big day…


How do I match a bridal hairstyle with a particular dress neckline?
The most helpful answer to this question came from Faces Makeup and Hair who wrote:

“When choosing a bridal hairstyle, it is more important to consider what suits your face shape rather than what goes with your wedding gown.

That said, if you would like your gown’s neckline to show, consider an updo.

Always have a trial with your hairstylist beforehand to make sure both of you are on the same page.”


Can we ask the celebrant not to say ‘Mr and Mrs’ if I’m not taking his name?

The most helpful answer to this question came from Stephanie Bromley – Marriage Celebrant. She wrote:

“Of course you may! I always ask my couples how they would like to be presented to their guests.

It can be as simple as “please join me in congratulating John and Jane on their marriage”. I hope this is helpful.”

When I enquire with a celebrant, what should I be asking them?
The most helpful answer to this question was given by Michael Pratt Celebrant. He wrote:

“This is a great question because celebrants love to answer what you want to know.

I am presuming that you have had a bit of time to chat and feel comfortable with everyone and feel that you could make a connection and work together with your celebrant.

Apart from the obvious first question about being available on your chosen day (otherwise a lot of the questions to follow this one might seem a bit of a waste of time.. lol), you might like to ask your celebrant about what might happen in the very rare chance that they are unable to be your celebrant on the day (ie What is your Plan B?)

Celebrants will always have a Plan B, and C up their sleeves – it is in their nature to be this organised and also to ensure that you, as their client, receive the most professional service possible at all times.

The next topic for questions would center around the financials, and please do not be shy in asking – is to enquire about the celebrant’s fees and what is included (ie a rehearsal, travel, etc) deposit, final payments, cancellations etc.

Most celebrants will have prepared a set of frequently asked questions that they can provide for you to assist with the answers to questions that you may not even have thought of yet.. lol.

I always like to remind my clients…there is no such thing as a dumb question (only dumb answers…usually from me!)”

Do I provide portaloos if my wedding is outside?
The best answer to this question came from The Vines Resort & Country Club, who wrote:

“For the convenience of your guests, this would be recommended. We can assist you with a supplier if required.”

How old is the cut off for kid’s meals?
The best answer to this question came from The Culinarian, who wrote:

“All caterers will have a different cut off for kid’s meals for kids of different ages. It is something that will also vary based on the type of menu you are having, for instance with a cocktail menu it can be hard to stop kids from grabbing adult canapes and so on, with a buffet, some kids will eat as much if not more than some adults.

Also, different kids have different tastes, some kids will eat the same things as adults whereas others will only eat the basic old-fashioned kid’s meals that we have become accustomed to.

It’s best to check with your shortlisted caterers to find out what their policy on kid’s meals is if you are having kids at your wedding. That way, you know what each offers and it can help you make your decision.”

Do flower girls and page boys require car seats in a limo?
The most helpful answer to this question came from Cloud Seven Limousines, who wrote:

“Hi, we permit children to travel in our limousines however if they are under 7 years of age they are required to be seated in an appropriate seat for their age to be allowed to travel, often other family members decide to take young children in their own cars to give the bridal party more room and relaxation.”

 How long does a civil ceremony take?
The best answer to this question came from Kim O’Sullivan Civil Celebrant. She wrote:

“The ceremony usually takes around 30 minutes, but it depends on what you want and what is to be included eg a reading or a poem.

Do you want special rituals like a sand ceremony or hand fasting, any cultural inclusions? You can discuss this with your celebrant.”

 Can I get married in a church if I’m not religious?
Sharen Pelly Celebrant provided the most helpful answer to this question. She wrote:

“You don’t have to be religious to be married in a church. There are many churches that are simply for hire as a venue for weddings or even funerals etc. which are not affiliated with religious denominations.

You would have to find out who runs the church… and enquire as to what their requirements are in respect to a wedding.”

How much alcohol is required per person for the reception?
The most useful answer to this question came from Coral Coast Catering, who wrote:

“Our ballpark figure is 8 beers per guy. We recommend a small amount of light beer, some mid strength beer, and a choice of two heavy beers.

We recommend 2/3 of a bottle of wine per person. The tricky bit is working out the split between sparkling, white and red.

This always varies from group to group and you are probably the only people that know your guests well enough to decide.”

Can makeup artists cover tattoos?
Me2 MUA – Makeup Artistry had the best response to this question. They wrote:

“Absolutely, covering tattoos or bruises is possible with the right products, the makeup won’t budge and will stay put all day/night!

I would definitely ask the MUA if it’s something they have experience in, to ensure they have the right products and get them to do it at your trial so you can see how it wears over the day.

4 discount Bridesmaids Dresses Your Ladies Can Wear Again After The Wedding

For a bridesmaid, being part of someone’s special day is a wonderful and exciting experience.  They will want to feel and look your best on your big day.But are you ready?These four discount bridesmaids dresses prove that your ladies don't need to spend gobs of money to be by your side.


               Wtoo 858i Bridesmaid Dress | Weddington Way


                             Strapless chiffon floor length bridesmaid dresses


                      One-Shoulder Sexy Bridesmaid Gown


    Sheath Elastic Woven Satin Bridesmaid Dress With Sleeveless