Dresses short ceremony in 2017: the most chic and stylish models

The most chic models of wedding dresses 2017 short, are made by Valentino, Zuhair Murad, Dolce & Gabbana and many other fashion houses that you can discover with us!

Among the short wedding dresses 2017 nestle the ideal models to attend a wedding or other special event. Whatever the occasion, the proposals of the new year guarantee us an ultra chic and feminine look. The merit of the precious lace fabrics, floral patterns, the flowing lines and, above all, the jewel applications. Beads, in fact, crystals and sequins, are silhouetted against summer short wedding dresses as the winter minidresses, playing in the new version and the original, a must for the elegant timeless outfits women. The surprises do not end here because of the most beautiful dresses for the holiday, we also find sophisticated sheath dresses and clothes to short ceremony to girl.

Minidresses and formal wear knee-length 2017
If you enjoy attending parties and luxury weddings, the right the choice is definitely one of your first prerogative, just received the invitation. There is no reason to wait to find the ideal model, especially when the creations of the best brands, appear so irresistible as those of the new year. First things first.

Among the most chic creations, there are purely youth models and clothes from the courts by Ms. ceremony, more sophisticated, and often midi dress. In the first area, the types cheeky fall in Alexander McQueen pink and white versions jacquard REDValentino and gorgeous dresses gold Zuhair Murad. Precious and refined are also short evening dresses Armani, blacks and applications.

 For older women, the range is equally broad and includes mostly formal wear knee-length as blacks and ultra chic Roksanda sheath dresses or the pink lace patterns by Dolce & Gabbana. Pure Erdem responds extremely well to women's needs through dresses in floral print in bright tones; Gucci, however, focuses on small embroidered red roses on her models in candy pink. Chanel, invests in sheath dresses with fluffy sleeves.

You want to play in advance and look for clothes to winter short ceremony? In this case, there are velvet models with wraparound skirt, this time by Dolce & Gabbana, to be combined, if necessary, to equally exclusive shoes as the most beautiful shoes of 2017.

Dresses short ceremony in front and long behind 2017
A special section of the most beautiful look for the stylish clothing, includes items of formal wear short front and long behind. This very glamorous model that for years now find ourselves a bit 'in all collections, also returns for 2017 to capture our attention. And it does so without half measures, speeding it up exclusivity pedal through daring combinations of black and white or cascades of precious jewel details. However, wearing these creations for sure you will not go unnoticed!

Models of this type are manufactured for example by Zuhair Murad. The Lebanese designer beloved by celebrities around the world, in his collection on the catwalk in Paris, presents us with irresistible short formal dress with a train, characterized by ruffles on the front and long tail b-side. At this point, you just have to peek between the proposals that we have collected in the gallery. What do you think of the short evening dresses elegant 2017?



Matilde Cano launches 2017 collection of wedding dresses, the proposals of the new year, declined in an intriguing palette of colors. Let's find out the models!

The collection of ceremonial Matilde Cano clothes 2017 to make sure the glamorous look for the party through maxi belts, floral applications and jewel detail on the back. The lines range from the most seductive, slide with long slits on the legs, up to those good manners and romantic, to be worn with pretty boleros and large hats. Would you like to know all the proposals of the brand? Follow us to know the vestments Matilde Cano in 2017!

From sophisticated, sensual, the style of clothing Matilde Cano is able to win from the first glance. The new line of formal dresses 2017, in particular, rewards delicate pastel shades like turquoise and pink powder, as well as bright colors like bright red and purple. The timeless black is equally declined, sometimes in conjunction with its opposite, white. In these nuances it has interpreted the new collection of wedding dresses Matilde Cano.

The brand is very skilled in playing with styles and also presents this year, a very large catalog, adapted to suit different tastes. For women who like the models from the bon ton flavor, there are the timeless sheath dresses made of lace patterns or plain, enlivened by contrasting maxi belts.

Elegant and refined are also complete in all white, with jacket and pants, embellished with colored jewel applications.

If you love the inspiration vintage clothing in the brand online you may find that you need to be a stylish marriage. As for the collection last year, in fact, Matilde Cano does not renounce to midi dresses, interpreting them in brocade version, with a thick asymmetric neckline on the back and pleated skirts in general

The line, however, gives a nod to women who love the sensual look by using long dress slits moved by the subtle details and transparencies. In this version, in fact, we find long dresses in all black, printed patterns with floral motifs and ultra chic creations with Mikado skirt patterned blouse and plain.

How about a peek between the images of our photo gallery to learn about all the models proposed by the brand? Find the most interesting proposals of formal dresses 2017 Matilde Cano.

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Wedding dresses for 2017

An extensive collection ready to meet all the needs of a bride looking for elegance and refinement, but without platitudes. Rosa Clará presents, for the 2017 season, more than 80 creations that make you daydream. And for you to do so quickly, we have identified the main trends that the Spanish brand wants to interpret

Lace and embroidery silhouettes ranging from princely skirts flowing lines and minimal: check out these wonderful proposals ...


To tell you about the 2017 trends of the Spanish brand we decided to start from the most romantic design there, the princess dress. Wide skirts, tulle or full of ruffles, lace or smooth: proposals that meet the preferences of all brides who want to impress (no half measures!).

Wedding dresses Rosa Clará Princess

length cocktail dress bridesmaid dress


Classic and elegant, lace is the other half of the bride: thin or thick, colored or nude, dubbed or see-through effect. The proposals that we have won ...

Wedding dresses Rosa Clará Lace


length bridesmaid dress


Among the most popular lines, evergreen, season after season, there is certainly the "mermaid". Skin-tight on the sides, this kind of dress slips emphasizing curves.

Wedding dresses Rosa Clará mermaid



For those who do not like too many artifices resist the simple clothes, the essence of elegance. Fabrics and delicate lines, a few drapes and almost no applications. In the non-wrap forms, but the embrace softly.

Rosa Clará Wedding Dresses A-Line

Social marriage thanks to portals DI

A dream wedding in style? Today it is easier to organize your wedding thanks to the media we have available, in a click is all settled. Thanks to the ever increasing importance of the web, even for their wedding there are immediate and simple solutions to be able to organize the entire wedding with a few clicks and a considerable reduction of stress and time.


You are looking for the dress for your wedding? Nothing could be simpler! With a quick search of sites, directories, or company will have a large selection of dresses and wedding dresses to choose from, with a click you can choose the dress that best reflects your own style, the studio and make an appointment for a test. There are many directories that now deal with each stage of the wedding, the gown choice, the wedding list, wedding favors from the location to the menu, including these have achieved considerable success the Yesiwant.it portals, Zankyou.com, marriage .com and oggisposa.it. Within these sites you can create complete personal and business pages addressed to the spouses or the activities they want to put in sight of its services to couples, you can also create ad hoc pages with images, videos and texts to be included with links to credit cards to buy direct gift in wedding list of future newlyweds.

Social or non-social, the advantages of the web for the wedding!

The day of your wedding will be like? Have you already thought of everything or you have chosen to entrust to the support of social and the web? Today there are many social ideas to use as creative ideas for your wedding, very popular is the use of photos and video in slow or fast motion, or that produce, the angles inside the room during the reception where do photos and videos with the couple through smartphones or cameras; with a click you can share them directly on their social confidence.

Another idea is the use of social to find tips and directions from which to draw to your wedding as, for example, special centerpieces, ideas and suggestions for the preparation of the location, specific ideas for inspiration for the wedding dress . Through facebook, instagram, twitter and pinterest you can have a full gallery of ideas and suggestions to provide input to achieve with a perfect originality and extremely current marriage.(So you know where you can find good quality, first-class ultra-low-cost fabric wedding dress

Today, everything runs on the web and on social, all the fashion houses, including the bride, have a social channel with which to create direct contacts between the brand and followers, a tool that not only allows to establish relationships of trust between the customer and the brand, albeit virtual, but allow to sell more without fixed costs, in fact an online shop definitely has a lower cost of maintenance compared to a physical store. The advent of social, web and e-commerce has supported the growth of the big web and gave the opportunity to small reality of having an enormous visibility to the outside from the local reality.

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Wedding dresses 2017 Celeste: a new collection

The romantic and feminine bridal gowns Celeste 2017 creations that as always the fashion house creates inspiration in classical forms but added details and modern fashion. The line bride Celeste by Radiant includes wedding dresses with bell-shaped skirt or mermaid, models made of lace, voile and Mikado and declined not only in the most classic and always beloved milky white: give them a look in detail.

The wedding dresses classic style Celeste

The classically styled models remain the most loved by women, especially in lace versions. The wedding dresses with Celeste line skirt come in different versions, both creations designed to enhance the lean silhouette with their shaped bodices, is to minimize wide hips. As you can see by browsing the images from our photo gallery, Celeste thinks wedding dresses in lace with full skirt and pleated models from bustier to heart or straight and pleated with floral inserts or with characteristic cuts across the surface. To more traditional milk white patterns alternate ones of champagne and powder pink shades, the most original and refined.Do you understand when you see here?

The bridal gowns slipped column and mermaid

To models with wide skirt, they have always been a great competition to the mermaid wedding dresses from slipping gracefully shapes that caress the feminine silhouette. Celeste also include in its new clothing collection Wedding of this type, models designed in white voile or tulle and lace with a train long, medium or without trawling.

The by Celeste mermaid wedding dresses have embroidery lace that wrap the shoulders and back, but they are also provided with a bare back. The more daring versions are those from processing semi-transparent mesh, lace patterns that leave in plain sight legs.

The wedding dresses contemporary style

Rounding out the collection are Celeste wedding dresses with ruffles and flounces long skirts structured voluminous forms, creations which in recent years have gained more and more space in the new collections. The Italian fashion house thinks its variants bustier with straight or shaped to heart, models embellished with lights and even declined in shades of powder. The inevitable short Wedding dresses, especially in forms with a full skirt 50s style, embellished with embroidered yoke along the sleeves and shoulders. Find pictures of wedding dresses Celeste in our photo gallery, which is the most chic model?

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A few years ago, only adult bridesmaids were seen in the films. It was a US only thing. And then the idea has come a long way with us, because it is still super nice to wear a long dress ceremony, a long dress matched to her best friends. Discover our most beautiful dresses for a wedding ... Here!

Owl, you're going to be bridesmaid

You took care of the organization of his EVJF, and in all subjectivity, it was the best weekend of his life. You're a little proud of your stroke (okay, VERY proud).

Today, as the date is fast approaching, your childhood friend has brought you all together: surprise, you will have adult bridesmaid dresses! Owl, as in your favorite series. The sauerkraut dress in less.

While the spotting of cocktail dresses begins, you already have a head start in matting the stars who have been bridesmaids. History to have the same port of head that Taylor Swift, or the same rock look that Cara Delevingne ...(ps.

Why is it too cool to wear a bridesmaid dress?

Question mega fastoche! You will be wearing a beautiful long dress that you would never have dared to wear without this special occasion.

Even better: your best friends will wear the same as you, BFF power way. Obviously, this only applies if the dress selected by the bride is ... pretty. If not…

To avoid any confusion ("no, I will not put this parma robe frilly"), we selected the prettiest dresses of bridesmaids of the moment. Romantic, glamorous, pastel or otherwise colorful dresses and pep's to wish.(Of course, you ever think you also lack a tailor-made quality super good and cheap cocktail dresses, if you move, please click here, I believe here you can find a you satisfied)

Where to Find an Adult Girl's Dress? Please click here.

Two options are available:

- The brides creators mostly offer cocktail dresses. In the same spirit of the wedding dresses they create. A good option for those who wish to keep a conductive line between their dress and those of their wedding witnesses.

- The big scarves all offer very beautiful dresses for a small price. Dresses long, silky, piles in the trend of the moment.

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Marriage requests are unique. So, in order to be sure to make this moment an unforgettable memory, some do not hesitate to release the great means. An American has organized a 100% marriage request Beauty and the Beast, his girlfriend's favorite design. Eternal stories ...

Some princes might take some seed. In terms of romanticism and organization, this American would have courses to give. His request for marriage is worthy of the most beautiful fairy tales.

A fan of Beauty and the Beast

The user of the social network Imgur has posted on his account pictures of his request in marriage. His girlfriend Cara is obsessed with Belle, from the Disney cartoon since her early childhood. So he decided to do everything possible to make his request resemble a mythical scene of his favorite cartoon.

The main element of the request is the dress. In La Belle et la Bete, the golden yellow bouffant dress is worn by the young woman during her first dance with the Beast. With the help of an old sewing machine, the future fiance sewed a replica of this princess dress, perfectly adjusted to the silhouette of his girlfriend.

The library

But the young man wanted the place where he made his request to make sense. So he chose to do it in a library. In the cartoon, Belle devours all the novels she finds and falls in admiration before the gigantic library of the castle.

So do you know how to make your wedding more romantic? Thought to give you a good bride to wear what kind of wedding dress? Is fit me? Good quality? Beautiful?

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