Casual wedding dresses for the wedding

Wedding dresses, whatever the types and the designs they are, are expected to be worn only once for the lifetime. Of course, it is such a common and reasonable expectation – even in fact, there are so many women who wear the wedding dresses more than once.

Not all brides dream about an immense wedding dress with lots of silk, chiffon, elaborate beading or a dramatic train. Sometimes casual wedding dresses can make an impression as a bright ball gown with beading and lace.

What are casual wedding dress? Of course, they are such wedding dresses but they are made and designed as simple and casual as possible. Commonly, the brides tend to use them when they want to conduct a wedding outdoor like on the beach. If you are interested to wear one of them for your future wedding, here are some ideas of 2017 casual wedding dresses for you.


                               Featured Dress: Grace Loves Lace


                               A-Line Casual Beach Wedding Dress


                                     Featured Dress: Carol Hannah 


                Delicate Beading Chiffon Wedding Dresses

How to Bead a Formal Dress

Beading in recent years has developed into a new art form. With abundant inspiration surrounding crafters and designers, beaded patterns, motifs, appliques and embroideries have surfaced. Fashion and home decor have also benefited from this influence. However, beading an already made formal dress can seem intimidating. By taking extra care and pre-planning your bead work, you will be able to introduce your art onto your delicate fabrics and formal dress.

Step 1
Pre-plan your bead work pattern. Sketch out your design or bead placement order prior to attaching your beads. Review your dress on the reverse for special linings or inserts such as corset straight bone channels. This will give you your dress parameters as to where and how you will be able to attach your beads. Check your bottom hem for a separate lining. If your lining is separate from your shell fabric, turn your dress inside out to expose the inner workings. Access to a separate lining can also avoid sewing through two layers of fabric during your bead application.

Step 2
Measure the selected area for your bead work directly on your cheap formal dress. Measure the width and length for your application and compare it to your sketch design. Make any necessary adjustments to your sketch.

Step 3
Know your dress fabric's type and properties. For example, if you are adding beads to tulle, you will have to adjust your needle size to avoid any punctures or tears to the fabric. If you are adding beads to an embroidered bodice, adjust your needle size in order to secure your beads through the embroidery thread type. High count embroideries can be damaged by puncturing and threading with a needle. It is beneficial to attach a bead as a preliminary test in an unexposed fabric area prior to beading and view your fabric's result.

Step 4
Select your beads. Place your beads with your sketch on a flat work surface. Determine your bead placement order and pattern. Compare and contrast your bead to your fabric and dress. Certain bead types and styles work best with specific fabrics and may not enhance your dress. Determine if you want your beads to appear dyed to match to your fabric or act as an accent or feature in a contrasting color scheme and pattern.

Step 5
Select your thread type. You can opt to use a nylon beading thread, which is generally pre-waxed for easy use and twisted for strength. You can also knot this thread easily to secure your beads. You can opt to use other beading threads such as silk, which is generally used with pearl or stone beads. Your thread choice will directly correlate to your bead type and looping hole. Be aware of your thread size, especially when you work with delicate fabrics.

1.Thread your needle and sew through the back side of your dress fabric. Knot your thread twice. Your initial knot needs to be secure to avoid attaching your bead to a loose knot. Determine if you will be applying each bead individually or as a running stitch.

2.Thread your bead. Insert your needle towards the direction where your next bead placement is to be set. It is best to thread and apply your beads in the same direction to ensure that your thread disappears against the fabric, once you have completed the overall beaded pattern.

3.Loop each bead twice. Knot your thread on the inside of your fabric. Cut any loose threads and repeat the process when starting your next bead until your pattern is complete. Although you can opt to have a running stitch by looping once, inserting your needle, bringing it up through your fabric towards your next bead point and looping your next bead, your thread tension can become weak after several wears and your bead work will loosen. Individual beading handwork is time-consuming but will warrant the best result.

How to Clean Dirt From the Hem of a Lace Wedding Dress

A disadvantage of a floor-length wedding gown is that you are very likely to have dirt on the hem when the event is over. Lace is a delicate material that requires special care, but cleaning the hem of your lacec wedding dress at home is economical and allows you to store the gown clean. Knowing how to clean a lace wedding dress allows you to wear a family dress or purchase a used dress that needs some care. Once clean, a professional can help you preserve your dress in a keepsake box.


Examine the lace hem on your wedding dress for damage. Repair any rips or loose pieces of lace before cleaning.


Fill a bathtub approximately half full with warm water. You will be putting your hands in the water, so don't make it too hot or too cold.


Pour in a small amount of gentle laundry detergent. Stir to mix it evenly in the water. Avoid using colored detergent, which can leave a tinted residue. Opt for a clear liquid -- a sensitive formula with no dyes or perfumes is ideal. Place a clean towel on the edge of the tub to protect the dress.


Immerse the hem of your wedding gown in the water and allow it to soak for about one hour. If you are only cleaning the hem, it will be easier to work with the dress if you leave the rest of the gown outside the tub so it is dry. Place the dress on a chair or something to prop it up so it doesn't get dirty on the floor or hanging off the side.


Rub the lace gently with a white sock or rag soaked with water from the tub. Hold the lace in one hand and scrub with the other hand. Work along the entire hem in sections until it has all been cleaned. Use a soft-bristle brush, like one made of nylon, if needed, on dirt that doesn't come out with the cloth.

Rinse the dress. Drain the tub and fill it with fresh water or hang the dress and rinse it with a detachable shower head. Continue rinsing until the water runs clear and all the soap has been removed.

Hang your wedding gown and air-dry it. Use a plastic hanger and place the dress in a safe place to dry.


Tips & Warnings

Don't use this method on a silk gown because it could damage the fabric attached to the lace.
Practice cleaning a lacy hem on an old piece of clothing to hone the technique and prevent damage to your dress. An inexpensive piece of lace sewn to an old t-shirt is another option for practicing on.

Find More Ways To Style Your Old Bridesmaid Dresses So You Could Wear Them IRL

As the person who has been nicknamed “Always The Bridesmaid” by my friends, my family members, and even once by a rabbi who saw that I was a bridesmaid in three weddings he officiated, I have come to accept the repeat role of being in the bride’s wedding squad with open arms.

I’ve become a professional at knowing the best spots to throw a bachelorette party that won’t rob the pockets of the people going on it, and I know the best games to play at a bridal shower so none of the guests are bored or too busy downing mimosas.

I even know the right things to say to a fellow bridesmaid who’s had it with the bride and the bride’s endless demands (from requiring that all the bridesmaids wear a certain style shoe to asking them to get their nails painted all the same color of pale pink).

But one thing that has taken me quite some time to figure out is what to do with old cheap bridesmaid dresses australia.

After spending years rolling my eyes at brides who vow their bridesmaids will love the dress they picked out so much that they will be eager to wear it again, I recently took out the handfuls of bridesmaid dresses I have stuffed in the back of my closet and stared at them, trying to figure out what to do with them.

Because I’m a 20-something with the budget of a teenager, I like to try to reuse whatever I can so I can cut down costs and put excess money toward my currently nonexistent 401k.

I’ve decided to brush the dust and steam the wrinkles out of my bridesmaid dresses and figure out a way to style them so I can wear them again IRL — without people wondering why I’m re-wearing a bridesmaid dress.

To help you do the same with your old bridesmaid dresses, here are five tricks to style your dresses so you can wear them to normal, everyday places and events.

1. Add accessories.

A simple way to dress down a bridesmaid dress is by adding accessories. Whether you wear a scarf, some of your casual jewelry or even a pair of flats, you can turn a fancy dress (that’s usually paired with heels and your finest jewelry) into a dress that can be worn to a weekend brunch, a bridal shower, or a dinner at a local hotspot.

2. Make alterations.

If there’s a bridesmaid dress that fits you very well, consider changing it up so you can wear it comfortably and casually. Perhaps you can dye the color of a dress so it’s a darker color that won’t give off a wedding vibe, or you can shorten the dress from long to knee-length.

3. Disguise it.

 Consider the bridesmaid dress as your “base,” and from there, add some of your favorite pieces (skirts, jackets, tops) over it to make it more casual and to disguise the fact that you’re wearing a fancy dress. Pair the dress with your favorite rock n’ roll t-shirt or off-the-shoulder top to make it more daytime friendly.

4. Use it for the office.

Figuring out what to wear to work can be a time-consuming headache. One outfit you can consider is a bridesmaid dress paired with a blazer, jacket or a sweater for a more office-friendly and dressed-down look. It’ll help disguise the top of the dress, which may be the fanciest part of it.

5. Belt it up.

Adding a belt to your bridesmaid dress can give it a more casual vibe. It can also make it feel like less of a fancy gown and more of a summertime maxi dress that works well for BBQs or post-beach cover-ups. Before tossing your bridesmaid dresses in the back of your closest, or writing them off as totally inappropriate to wear to work, dinners, or casual brunches with your BFFs, figure out if you can style them with your favorite accessories and jackets so you can get the most bang from your bridesmaid buck!

If you do not want to spend so much thought to transform your bridesmaid dresses, I can recommend a cheap bridesmaid dress site to you, this site has a variety of styles of bridesmaids installed, so you can not worry about prepare for the bridesmaid dresses:

30 Girls Dresses Perfect for a Wedding


A wedding this summer? It is the promise of unforgettable moments but it is also the beginning of a complex mission: find the outfit for the day-D. We look for the perfect dress, the ideal costume for Monsieur and the occasional outfit for the children. We offer you our selection of the most beautiful dresses for a young and pretty bridesmaid.

What dress for a maid of honor?

A great opportunity is the opportunity to concoct a pretty outfit. First, for us, but also for our charming blond (or brown) heads. On the day of a wedding, the children are the only ones able to wear white, without making shade to the bride. Unless there is an imposed theme, for little girls we put on soft colors and pastels, white, pink, mint green, light blue, even even more vibrant colors like yellow or the Red. If uni is a nice option we also love the flowery pattern, fresh and very trendy this season! Once the color is chosen, one also thinks of the most appropriate material.

Cotton ensures comfort and elegance without curbing the enthusiasm of the youngest, it is a good option. The details in silk and / or satin but also the inserts in embroidery and lace bring for them a refined and elegant undeniable touch. We are valid! How to remove a task on a white dress?

The problem with pretty outfits is that children often overflow with energy on the day of the wedding. And, by dint of expending themselves, they generally end by striving. It must be said that between the buffet, the grass, the falls and the rest, the traps are numerous!

We give you some tricks to eliminate the most frequent tasks (and recover the pretty dress of our little princess for another occasion). Chocolate tasks. Toddlers love it ... and it shows (too often) on their clothes. To remove the traces you put on white vinegar. More precisely, 1 tablespoon, diluted in a glass of water in which one dips a cloth with which one will buffer the task to make disappear it.

The grass tasks. White cotton is rubbed with a cloth soaked in lemon juice. On a colored cotton one will prefer the alcohol to burn rather than the lemon juice. Tasks of perspiration.

For an impressive result, we act quickly. The task is rubbed with a sponge soaked in hot water. If the toddler is really daredevil, one thinks of the patterned dresses. A task will pass more unnoticed on a pretty dress with small flowers than an immaculate white shirt.


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This bride has the best bridesmaids

Spring is often associated with reason at the time of weddings. Any future bride is looking for the brilliant idea that will make her bachelor party a unique day. Rebe, a 24-year-old Brazilian, has already found it.


Rebeca Brantes has everything a young woman of her age could dream of. In addition to leading brilliant computer engineering studies, the latter saw her dream come true when her boyfriend asked her to marry. While she was living almost an awakened dream, the Brazilian student is saddened by not having bridesmaids to share all the crucial moments that preceded the ceremony.

The picture : cheap wedding dresses 

Indeed, the class of Rebeca is composed of 56 boys for only 4 girls of which herself. In this context, it is difficult to connect friendly female relationships and this is precisely the problem that Rebeca encounters. "The idea came to me a week before the wedding, and I was looking for some of the brides' making of photos with their girlfriends, they were all in dresses, Laughing, drinking champagne and I was a bit sad because I could not have anything like that. "


The engineering student then realized that nothing prevented her from creating the shoot of her dreams despite the absence of conventional bridesmaids. Although Rebe did not make friendships with a group of girls during her studies, she was part of a gang composed mainly of men whom she considers her brothers.


The idea then comes to him to dress them of bathrobes of pink silk and to take the pose with them by diverting the traditional of bachelor of life of girl. "The photo shoot was great fun. Everyone drank cheap alcohol shots and sometimes we laughed so hard that we needed some time before taking the photos again."


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Other Stories comes with wedding dresses AND dresses for the guests or wedding entourage.

Het trouwseizoen gaat van start deze lente en of je nu je eigen grote dag plant, of uitgenodigd bent: van dit nieuws ga je heel erg blij worden. Ons favoriete Zweedse label & Other Stories lanceert voor spring/summer 2017 een collectie trouw- en bridesmaid-jurken. Geschikt voor eigenlijk iedere feestelijke gelegenheid die deze zomer op de agenda staat: bruiloft, afstuderen, bal of een summer party.

You can see the photo : Formal Dresses Australia

Wardrobe treasures

'Het idee van wardrobe treasures is altijd onderdeel geweest van de Stories-filosofie. We willen dat onze designs vaste onderdelen worden binnen je garderobe, en je meerdere seizoenen volgen. Met deze collectie lichten we de gelegenheidsjurk uit, voor bruiloften in het bijzonder, die elk zo veelzijdig zijn dat ze met gemak een favoriet kunnen worden,' aldus Caroline Björkholm, Head of Creative Lab & Other Stories.

Je mag dan wel dé jurk vinden voor die ene speciale gelegenheid, deze beauties zijn bedoeld om meer dan eens gedragen te worden. Deze collectie bestaat uit jurken in vloeiende stoffen en een tijdloos silhouet, die variëren van wit en crème tot perzik en roze.

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