Still very much awaited at Mèze, the election of the Queen 2017 made full room at the Gérard-Rigal gymnasium.

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It was a great success for the Queen of Mèze 2017, organized by the Festivities department with the participation of Acem, Friday, February 24th at the Gérard-Rigal gymnasium.


To begin with, Thierry Challier, in master of ceremony, welcomed Emilienne Maldonado, elected in 2016, who made a comeback on her coronation year. This was followed by a show featuring songs, magic tricks, ready-to-wear fashion shows for children and regional misses, accompanied by Aurore Kichenin, Miss Languedoc 2016 and first dolphin of Miss France 2017. Hairstyles and make-up That clothing and creations were made available by the local partners. The presentation of the six candidates in evening dresses, lent by the creator Isabelle Dupéré, illuminated the room and delighted a large audience. At the time of the verdict, the mayor, Henry Fricou, joined the candidates on stage to congratulate them and crown the new queen of Mèze, Léa Mercier. It will have first bridesmaid Adeline Rio, and Eloise Virenque, second bridesmaid.

"Congratulations to our three winners, and I obviously have a tremendous thrill for the other three women who have been great, and it was a great night of youth with a great atmosphere," said Ève Silva, Festivities and events, well assisted by Laura Touboul.