Low flow of drama China wedding dress

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She is very cool the groom to get married
Much better, but in my imagination
She suddenly saw the backup
She is still as usual at the top of the beautiful pictures
She is very beautiful, held out his hand
, according to the gentle smile a little (network text reading: www.sanwen.net)
To be by accident in three years
This is my first time to her on the photo
Her, are you satisfied with the source to eat sushi
Nuguisare back tired her little girl
- long short without no short already
In the basket of grain seeds grow up carefully
Yao fisher, dazzles, but her major
Is she spends
One of personal adornment ring finger
Is the pain?
Laugh she was so much fun to another
Is not willing to her hate
Or a blessing?
Her smile is also a person
Also so many massage
What I feel now, you don't know me too much
Spicy sweet unable to notice
Seagulls feels lost like in the storm
A turn may test is for a lifetime
A person smile
A man can pay the same smile
Landscape is no longer you
Don't look back at your life for a life.