Dress Down

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Balance spring flow eyes

Into thoughts in the garden

Love zero point of the junction of the wind

Appear the light of the soul

I, in the origin

You, run in the wilderness of flow in Lebanon

Suffused with the glow of the sunset

Elegant my love

Are you sad

The thick aperture

Covered in the rhythm of pictographic

Moon and the wind whistling,

Dream in the scarlet

A dismal pale

Drunk, the setting sun

Owl, stare at

Out of the darkness

Decay with your love

Echoes of the wind

Your rebirth

Where to start

Freedom of the wind

Surrounding the soul

The tree is quiet

On the corner of the mind

The warmth of your arms

Scratched the last match

See snow elves of smoking

The Gospel of the old testament to dust

Charming smile

Embedded the make love

With the loss of evil

Sit the cloud's dreams

Fall in the ruts

Flashing red in red eye

Twitch odd corners of the mouth

Flow the venom of the curse

Hide in amdo plug of the wind

Drive the elves of

Foot ring...

You, another happiness with a smile

The blossom of cycas in one thousand

He was stabbed in the mother's roots

Love shines with yulan

Desperate for a you,

The wind through the heart

Ground of wedding dresses

Forever pure white to red

You're smiling

Light looked at

Float world heavy raw

Ladies with flowers

Stop the flow in the tip of the grass

The welfare of god

Look around you broken beautiful soul

The love of cream-colored

White abrupt

The island of foil with happiness

Powder green week

Etched with life

The contract of

Colorful movement to open

Hip-hop wind chang

Don't in the sideburns

Figure is playing a waltz

In the 30 s beautiful

You politely

The dense eyelashes

The rain

Kiss v knee

By hiding in the corner

At the top of you

This pure white wedding dress

Ethereal dream

The contract of the soul

Your weird hidden

It all with a smile...


Crushing entanglements


Dark corner...

Dress down...


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