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Marriage requests are unique. So, in order to be sure to make this moment an unforgettable memory, some do not hesitate to release the great means. An American has organized a 100% marriage request Beauty and the Beast, his girlfriend's favorite design. Eternal stories ...

Some princes might take some seed. In terms of romanticism and organization, this American would have courses to give. His request for marriage is worthy of the most beautiful fairy tales.

A fan of Beauty and the Beast

The user of the social network Imgur has posted on his account pictures of his request in marriage. His girlfriend Cara is obsessed with Belle, from the Disney cartoon since her early childhood. So he decided to do everything possible to make his request resemble a mythical scene of his favorite cartoon.

The main element of the request is the dress. In La Belle et la Bete, the golden yellow bouffant dress is worn by the young woman during her first dance with the Beast. With the help of an old sewing machine, the future fiance sewed a replica of this princess dress, perfectly adjusted to the silhouette of his girlfriend.

The library

But the young man wanted the place where he made his request to make sense. So he chose to do it in a library. In the cartoon, Belle devours all the novels she finds and falls in admiration before the gigantic library of the castle.

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