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A few years ago, only adult bridesmaids were seen in the films. It was a US only thing. And then the idea has come a long way with us, because it is still super nice to wear a long dress ceremony, a long dress matched to her best friends. Discover our most beautiful dresses for a wedding ... Here!

Owl, you're going to be bridesmaid

You took care of the organization of his EVJF, and in all subjectivity, it was the best weekend of his life. You're a little proud of your stroke (okay, VERY proud).

Today, as the date is fast approaching, your childhood friend has brought you all together: surprise, you will have adult bridesmaid dresses! Owl, as in your favorite series. The sauerkraut dress in less.

While the spotting of cocktail dresses begins, you already have a head start in matting the stars who have been bridesmaids. History to have the same port of head that Taylor Swift, or the same rock look that Cara Delevingne ...(ps.

Why is it too cool to wear a bridesmaid dress?

Question mega fastoche! You will be wearing a beautiful long dress that you would never have dared to wear without this special occasion.

Even better: your best friends will wear the same as you, BFF power way. Obviously, this only applies if the dress selected by the bride is ... pretty. If not…

To avoid any confusion ("no, I will not put this parma robe frilly"), we selected the prettiest dresses of bridesmaids of the moment. Romantic, glamorous, pastel or otherwise colorful dresses and pep's to wish.(Of course, you ever think you also lack a tailor-made quality super good and cheap cocktail dresses, if you move, please click here, I believe here you can find a you satisfied)

Where to Find an Adult Girl's Dress? Please click here.

Two options are available:

- The brides creators mostly offer cocktail dresses. In the same spirit of the wedding dresses they create. A good option for those who wish to keep a conductive line between their dress and those of their wedding witnesses.

- The big scarves all offer very beautiful dresses for a small price. Dresses long, silky, piles in the trend of the moment.

If you want to know more :http://www.evwedding.com/cheap-cocktail-dresses/red