This bride has the best bridesmaids

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Spring is often associated with reason at the time of weddings. Any future bride is looking for the brilliant idea that will make her bachelor party a unique day. Rebe, a 24-year-old Brazilian, has already found it.


Rebeca Brantes has everything a young woman of her age could dream of. In addition to leading brilliant computer engineering studies, the latter saw her dream come true when her boyfriend asked her to marry. While she was living almost an awakened dream, the Brazilian student is saddened by not having bridesmaids to share all the crucial moments that preceded the ceremony.

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Indeed, the class of Rebeca is composed of 56 boys for only 4 girls of which herself. In this context, it is difficult to connect friendly female relationships and this is precisely the problem that Rebeca encounters. "The idea came to me a week before the wedding, and I was looking for some of the brides' making of photos with their girlfriends, they were all in dresses, Laughing, drinking champagne and I was a bit sad because I could not have anything like that. "


The engineering student then realized that nothing prevented her from creating the shoot of her dreams despite the absence of conventional bridesmaids. Although Rebe did not make friendships with a group of girls during her studies, she was part of a gang composed mainly of men whom she considers her brothers.


The idea then comes to him to dress them of bathrobes of pink silk and to take the pose with them by diverting the traditional of bachelor of life of girl. "The photo shoot was great fun. Everyone drank cheap alcohol shots and sometimes we laughed so hard that we needed some time before taking the photos again."


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