Tips For Protection at a Sunny Beach Wedding

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Sure, everyone would like to have some sunshine. But there is a stark difference between a literal meltdown under a very angry sun and enjoying just some of it. A beach wedding is perfect for the couple's family and friends to enjoy the waves, sand and sun. But before we bask in beach front bliss, there are a few sun safety tips that the beach bride should keep in mind.


Images of the guests frowning while fanning themselves under the heat do not induce an "awwww" moment in photographs. The picture gets uglier if the beach bride experiences this discomfort as well. It's not just the heat but the sun itself. Of course, many would like to make most of their stay in the beach wedding destination, get a tan and what have you. Some people may not be aware of their tolerance to sunshine, but the beach bride isn't about to gamble on that on her beach wedding. Showing off that gorgeous tan will be appreciated more if we are sunburn- and heatstroke-free.

There is a blazing sun that corresponds to any promise of good weather. Consider the early morning or late afternoon sun for the beach wedding ceremonies. Sunshine during these times is generally friendlier than any other hour within the day. Gawkers, passers-by and their gate crashing pets may not also be around during less sunny hours. An indoor reception after the wedding ceremonies by the beach doubles as protection from the dreaded rain or too much sun. Since the wedding ceremonies will be held beachside, arrange a covered area with comfortable seating.


Sunscreen application before going out to the beach is mandatory. Little beach wedding dresses hardly provide that much coverage to the sun, so apply and re-apply sunscreen as needed. Sunscreens with high SPF generally provide more protection than those with lower SPF, so know when reapplication will be necessary.


We already know that long sleeved dresses are not exactly beach wedding worthy, so have the female guests wear hats for extra protection against the sun (think fashionable straw hats that go really well with beach dresses).


Sand reflects as much harmful UV rays as a concrete pavement, even when a person is under a shade. Have guests use eyewear with UV protection.


The beach bride can get really preoccupied on her beach wedding day, but she must not forget to keep herself hydrated. Have water and other non-alcoholic refreshments within reach at all times. It's a wedding, yes, but alcoholic drinks simply do not help rehydrate a person's body. This will not only be beneficial for the beach bride, but for the guests as well. Sun safety should be given much thought especially for a beach wedding with elderly and small children in attendance. They belong to high risk groups when it comes to sunstrokes and heat exhaustion.