Marriage: The latest trends in wedding dresses

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The clothes from trendy bride in this spring 2017 are not simple, but elaborate white clothes with different colors that will give a special touch and give you a unique look and totally customized to your special day. The new collections in fashion this spring and summer are characterized by soft colors, candid but also livelier nuances. Did you ever think that the black color was in vogue for contemporary wedding dresses?

Black has always been associated with a deadly color, distinctive for the darker moments and sad life, rather to the surprise is also suitable for weddings. Utopia until a few years ago and actually today. There are many designers offering fashion for these dark colors. If black, however, feel it is impossible for your wedding then you could always fall back on less aggressive colors and edgy at the same time, for example you could wear a colorful dress with candy shades such as pink or blue, soft colors that will make even your sweetest image and poetic, almost ethereal, then if the dress is simple and smooth fabric like silk then it touches the spiritual perfection of style. Finally, if you want to find a happy medium between too aggressive bride and dark clothes and those colors too soft and pale then it is recommended a good compromise between the two shades of color.

How about by green wedding dresses, blue or pink? If you then still have not thought consider this viable alternative that could be your own choice. At the bottom of colorful clothes suggest women of character, self-confident and convinced of its ability, a true manifesto of femininity and sensuality that denotes a woman with exceptional features.

Flowers and geometries for new wedding dresses

Besides the colors you may choose to customize your wedding dress with sublime designs and evocative. New trends reflect the awakening of nature and spring by using colors that recall the colors of flowers and special designed above. Flowers, applications, special style that link to stunning effect and extremely impact. Enriching deep necklines, at heart, asymmetrical, one-shoulder, etc ... that characterize the summer collections with geometric designs and prompting the nature is the new trend, they offer lightweight yet full of deep meaning a simple wedding dress. Even the jewelry to wear are characterized by a range of colors multifaceted and endless fantasies that can take the type of style gown to wear to the fateful yes. Geometries that intersect and create volumetric necklines and fan out like a work in another work. Drawings and sublime forms that evade the classic and traditional models to make room for fresh, young and innovative; After the atelier to fashion houses, the goal is to make today's modern bride and delicate in their wedding dress.

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